TALENTTalent concept

Fair competition, meritocracy;

Can post the status, of men;

The rational flow of dynamic management.

Laws of human resources

1, business is business, management team members happy growth of emotions;

2, establish a learning team, the work of choose and employ persons into education;

3, respect, understanding, strengthen the communication;

4, carpenters, went into the forest without material can't use;

5, the Olympic principle: to participate in the competition cooperation, higher faster stronger; Talent market, competition globalization;

6, beyond the self, team learning, improving mental models, building Shared vision, system thinking;

7, with cultural solidarity, ride with the system of human nature; Swift horse is running out, don't put the horse and ordinary horse in a manger in eating.

8, the work of choose and employ persons into education, grow in the competition, the cooperation of the communist party of China to win.