CULTURALcultural connotation

what is pinguan?

The crown is the most important and best part. < BR /> Friendly, honest, realistic and innovative

What is characteristic of pinguan people?

Mind, foresight and thinking, have character
Mind: the sea, like the vast (how wide mind How wide career)
Vision: the eagle as high (been Ease)
Thinking ahead concept thinking: the horse racing (innovation)
Character: white jade as the noble (white and flawless Magnanimous sincere)

Pinguan people motto

1) are all things, is insufficient for; Not for the global, less than a domain.
2) in today's society, the idea, the revolution of thinking mode, far more than technology, software and the speed of revolution is more important.
3) do the right thing, then do the things right. They do what.
4) at Jane. The complex things simple, the simple things perfect.
5) there is no miracle in the world, only focus and focus.
6) the train of thought is the way; Layout decisions.

Pinguan impetus for growth

With cultural solidarity, to harness the human nature, with the system with brand achievement in life