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Environmental coverage

“We will strive to have a minimal impact on the environment through limited discharge and independent waste water flow and recycling.”

Responsible care

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Responsible care is a program in the chemical industry worldwide. The company aims to continuously improve the environment and health and safety areas.

Our products

Our first advantage: talc is natural -- just like rock -- and inert. Most products containing talc are recyclable and the talc mining process produces less carbon dioxide. In addition, we strive to create environmentally friendly uses for our products. Take dual classification for example: dual classification talc has a very narrow particle spectrum. The reduced surface area means you can add more talc to a given matrix (adhesive in paint or polyolefin in plastic) without increasing the viscosity of the system. This makes your process more economical while reducing the environmental impact -- less need for polymeric resins and solvents, and lower VOC emissions.