Magnesium hydrate

Magnesium hydroxide is currently recognized in the rubber industry which has the function of flame retardant and smoke suppression, filling the triple high quality flame retardants. Its molecular formula for Mg (OH) 2, the molecular weight of 58.32, white powder, non-toxic, tasteless, good stability, non-volatile, high decomposition temperature, anti-corrosion equipment etc., is the first selection of organic polymer achieve zero halogen flame retardant materials.

Is crown in the magnesium hydroxide with high quality brucite, the coarse crushing, fine grinding, physical and chemical purification, ultrafine crushing and surface treatment, such as complex process preparation, formation of all kinds of plastic, rubber, such as filling, flame retardant, inhibit the modification effect of smoke.

Mechanism of flame retardant

When the temperature rises to 340 ℃, the decomposition of magnesium hydroxide is heated to absorb a lot of heat, can reduce material combustion temperature: 430 ℃ or so peak; To completely decomposed into magnesium oxide. Magnesium oxide has a great surface area, it can absorb smoke, reduce material from burning gas concentration, is conducive to the formation of a surface layer, carbide can improve the flame resistance of polymer material ability, have the effect of isolation air, prevent burning; Release of water and its decomposition is not only a kind of coolant, or a thinner, can reduce the smoke density. Therefore, magnesium hydroxide inorganic composite is a kind of good halogen-free flame retardant, filling, flame retardant and smoke suppression triple function, smoke when burning non-toxic, non-corrosive.

In the champions league can provide the following chemical index and physical index of the whole series of products:

Magnesium hydroxide chemical indicators:


Magnesium hydroxide physical indicators:

itemwhiteness(%)fineness(Orders)Dv50(μm)325 mesh pass rate(%)Specific  areacm2/g
proportiong/mlIgnition loss(%)

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