Talcum powder

Talcum powder used in industry:

Pinguan is industrial grade talcum powder series products with high quality raw materials, through strict screening, reasonable matching, the use of advanced machinery and equipment for coarse crushing, fine grinding, grading, super fine crushing, surface treatment and precision of the physical and chemical testing instrument testing and other complex preparation process. Can produce 325 mesh to 5000 mesh of different specifications, such as ordinary activated talcum powder, tablet, powder, talcum powder, the product has high whiteness, high purity, high temperature does not change color, white and delicate, good quality pure, stable chemical composition, etc.

Food, medicine, cosmetics use talcum powder:

Pinguan food, medicine, cosmetic grade talcum powder series products adopt the characteristic of mine mining mining area free of asbestos and crystal natural talc ore, after screening, cleaning, drying and ultraviolet disinfection. Its use of talc is to the minimum hardness of minerals, and its high activity, loose structure, non-toxic, has soft satiny feeling, can make the product with high whiteness, smoothness, soluble, do not change the product property, etc. In the champions league pharmaceutical grade talcum powder product has reached the requirement of Chinese pharmacopoeia.

According to the different requirements of the market, according to the characteristics of the industry, the company developed as many as dozens of products, basically meet the production needs of various industries, in plastic, rubber, paint and other industries have a certain reputation, our products are welcomed by the majority of users.