Talc Lump

Talc is hydrothermal alteration minerals. Rich magnesite material by hydrothermal alteration often become talc, so the talc is olivine and pyroxene, hornblende, dense fire tremolite mineral illusion, etc. Talc is a common silicate minerals, it is very soft and has a soapy feel. It has been selected 10 mineral to represent 10 level of hardness, known as the mohs hardness, in the 10 levels, the first (that is, one of the most soft) is the talc. Soft talc can replace chalk to draw the white marks. Talc can be massive, lamellar, fibrous or radial, color is white, gray, and will take all sorts of color by other impurities. USES a lot of talc, such as as refractory materials, paper making, rubber packing absorbent, pesticide, leather coating, cosmetic materials and sculpture materials, etc.

Pinguan can provide following chemical indicators of talc lump product:

Talc lump chemical indicators:

name / itemwhiteness ≥SiO≥MgO≥CaO≤Fe2O3Ignition loss≤
Haicheng 1 piece9560300.50.37
Haicheng 2 piece9458300.60.58.5
Haicheng 3 piece9360300.60.57
Haicheng 4 piece9158300.70.58.5
Liaoning talc block9458300.80.48.5
Hengren 1 piece9361300.60.36.2
Hengren 2 piece8861300.60.36.2
Hengren 3 piece8361300.60.36.2
The northeast 1 small grain9058300.90.68.5
The northeast 2 small grain8856300.90.810

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