Development Work

Talc potential use of an almost limitless. We carry out research purpose is to find them. In the process, we have two goals: using the existing new areas of talc products, at the same time, develop new products for existing applications.

Customer contact

Due to the close contact with the client, we can adjust itself to an exact match their needs. We and many leading brands as well as small scale, highly specialized enterprise close cooperation. We test all kinds of formula, until you find the best option. We develop new talc products and refining methods of existing products completely practical: suggest that often comes from our customers.


In our well-equipped laboratory, we can perform detailed tests, and exact copy many customers production and application technology. We also work closely with the university and external research institutions.

Once achieved good results, we can develop a prototype, test with all interested customers, further adjustments as needed to meet their needs. Our technology manager and hope to participate in the development of customer maintain a close contact. Before customers fully satisfied, we will not determine the final result. This broad prophase work significantly reduces the customer's independent development and modification cost, allowing them to faster production than the other way around.