Quality Management

Quality management

Our certificate of us extremely strict quality assurance measures. Continuous product testing is indispensable procedures and process optimization. This is by our own and external, and laboratory to ensure that the academic authority. Before we started a pilot project and factory test conducted a series of laboratory experiments. Any samples in our factory after the test.


Our factory passed the quality management standard ISO 9001:2000 QMS certification. We only provide top products - so make sure quality is an important part of our corporate culture. Through the mature production technology, we extract the raw materials have different natural properties, in order to produce industrial products with various performance.

The purity

Purity is the key, talc is the use of water and air bubbles separated from rocks and other impurities; Talc particles adhesion on the bubble, and skim on the surface of floating to the bubble. In terms of reliability, our purification process is superior to other methods, including selective mining, sorting and mix.

Especially those of us who come from food and pharmaceutical industry customers all know, the "purity" is no fiber, harmful substances and microorganisms. Our medical talc is through a special heat treatment system of natural treatment method of disinfection. Our certificate, said that trust is well-deserved.