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Plastic grade talcum powder become the thrust of inorganic powder industry development

发表时间:2021-08-19 访问量:1544

Along with our country the implementation of the strategy of "development of an environment-friendly society", countries import products market access standards rising, the plastic, health, comfort and safety of surrounding the coordination raised higher and higher requirement, plastic grade talcum powder becomes more useful.

Inorganic powder machine comes from nature and return to nature, is a very good plastic filler, plastic grade talcum powder is a kind of performance outstanding plastic fillers, nonpoisonous and harmless, in the general processing and using temperature not volatilize, does not decompose, and has good environmental compatibility, low cost advantages.

As inorganic powder surface modification technology and the development of filling modification, inorganic powders can not only improve the strength of the plastic material, rigidity, dimensional stability and heat resistance properties. And the plastic material can improve or endowed with flame retardant, anti bacteria, antistatic, conductive performance and can be given environment, such as plastic grade talcum powder filling modification, possesses the advantages of many other modification methods can not be replaced.

Plastic grade talcum powder, well solve the problem of the dispers