APPLICATIONApplication field

Wash chemicals

Pinguan talcum powder makeup series of talc can be widely used in cosmetics, washing products production and processing. Pinguan cosmetics series of talcum powder is not tight can improve the performance of the product can reduce the production cost more.

Cosmetic industry

Pinguan offers a complete line of cosmetic grade talcum powder to meet the requirements of colour makeup effect formula, suitable for lipstick, powdery cake, cream and all kinds of cosmetics. Pinguan cosmetic grade talcum powder series adopts raw materials of color have white, gray, green, white, pink, light blue, light grey, etc., and with pearls or fat burnish, can make the cosmetic products with white degree is high, characteristics of good soluble and luster. The company make-up series of talcum powder contains a large number of silicon, because the silicon has astigmatism, blocking the function of infrared ray, thereby enhancing the sunscreen cosmetics and resistance to the function of infrared ray.

Soap and detergent

Pinguan cosmetic grade talcum powder series, can reduce the production cost, soap and detergent and not weaken the effect of the soap and detergent, and also can be generated by promoting creamy bubbles and add soft skin feeling to improve the performance of soap.