APPLICATIONApplication field

Ceramic industry

Pinguan talcum powder used in ceramic, make the product strength, good gloss, abrasion resistance, acid resistance and antistatic, etc; Can increase the transparency of ceramic products, improve product strength and thermal shock performance, improve the vitrification, prevent rupture,reduce the calcination cycle, prevent shrinkage.

White pottery wall brick

Pinguan talcum powder can control the heat and moisture expansion, thus improve glaze body coordination and reduce delay cracking.

The use of low talcum powder is advantageous to the production of large size tiles.

Clay - glass ceramic sanitary wares

Pinguan talcum powder to improve the cracking resistance, and increase the strength of the porcelain clay composition, such as shower basin.

In the second fire glass ware, the existence of the crown talcum powder can more easily make its glass transition, thus reducing the cracks.

Low crown talcum powder is effective in dust removal agent release.

Low in ceramic glaze health essence of talcum powder, improve gloss and whiteness of the product, and to reduce pinhole.


Low in processing in the process of low temperature pottery, talcum powder can improve the plasticity of products, and help to establish a good and suitable glaze, accelerate the firing cycle, reduce the cracks on cooling.

Low levels of low iron content in the champions league talcum powder can improve the vitrification of chengdu, shorten the firing cycle, and improve the mechanical resistance.

Make the ceramic tableware has good iuster, can increase the transparency of product of pottery and porcelain, and wear resistance.