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Rubber Industry


Talcum powder, magnesium powder and strengthening modification filler products, is a function of mineral filler, mainly used as reinforcing filler and processing AIDS used in rubber.

As a reinforcing filler, in the application of all rubber, due to the strong talcum powder, magnesium powder and strengthen modification filler micro particles with hydrophilic organic compound the nature, so they of natural rubber and synthetic rubber showed an obvious affinity, so as to improve the cohesion of the filler/rubber, enhanced the tensile strength, elongation, elastic modulus and the tear strength.

RB series products are superfine powder, according to the different USES, bridge surface passes through the different coupling agent, high fatty acid, anionic surfactants such as mixed with powder reinforced modified filler.

RB series of products to enhance to the rubber products, reinforcing effect, the activity of ore powder surface, can be combined with a number of macromolecular chain, and the basic resin crosslinking structure; Improve the chemical properties of rubber, change the interface reaction, chemical activity, water resistance, weather resistance, flame resistance, oil resistance, etc; Adjust the rheological properties of plastics, rubber mixing, such as plasticity, prevent shrinkage, improvement of surface properties and sulfide)