APPLICATIONApplication field

Plastics industry

In the plastic industry, the selection of appropriate talcum powder, calcium carbonate, wollastonite, barium sulfate, magnesium hydroxide, such as packing, not only can effectively save the use amount of resin, can significantly improve the physical properties of the product, have the effect of specific.

Polypropylene (PP) Plastics

Applied in auto parts and polypropylene plastic white home appliance, use the essence of talcum powder for filling out or talcum masterbatch, can save a lot of resin, reduce cost, at the same time can significantly increase the rigidity of products, the impact strength, hardness, creep resistance,surface scratch resistance, heat resistance and increase the thermal deformation temperature.

Auto parts

Can make the engine hood, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and other parts can bear in a very wide range of temperatures; For panel, pillar and console, good dimensional stability, smooth surface, and increase the stiffness; Use high quality essence talcum powder can make bumper has a high level of impact resistance performance, to conform to the auto industry increasingly stringent security requirements.

Electrical appliances product components

Talcum powder reinforced pp is an effective alternative metal and engineering thermal plastic material, widely used in oven, rice cookers, and electric iron products; Because the talcum powder is chemically inert, so to maintain the stability of compound, the dishwasher in the presence of active detergent, platen washing machine and other machine, will not have negative effects on detergent. Barium sulfate can enhance hardness and stiffness of the PP plastic, keep the plastic surface gloss and brightness, is especially suitable for manufacturing highlights PP appliances shell.

Other Plastic

Nylon (PA) plastic

In the nylon resin, made of ultrafine talcum powder or its carrier free masterbatch has the effect of nucleating agent, after adding can increase the crystallization rate of nylon, increasing the crystallinity; So special to improve the toughness of nylon, mechanical strength, hardness, thermal stability, dimension stability, improve the surface quality of the products and deformation, for the absorption of moisture resistance, electric properties and chemical properties is having a good effect.